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Film music

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Awards: Festigious International Film Festival, Best Music and Best Film 2018; Prisma Film Awards, Best Music 2018; Depth of Field International Film Festival Competition, Award of Excellence 2017; Hollywood Film Festival, Diamond Award 2017, short movie Rub your Eyes until you see Stars, director Judith Knubben, Music by Guy Renardeau; Buma Music in Motion Prizewinner 2012, Soundtrack Buma Van God Los, TV series, May 2012; Guy Renardeau, Cannes, Emmy Award 2013; 1st Prizes Paul Verhoeven Soundtrack Award. All instruments live by Guy Renardeau. Several live interviews on Veronica TV. Haarlems Dagblad: "I saw the pictures and I directy heared the music in my head"; Cinekid International 2013 and 2014 Best Music.

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In 2018 - 2019: Soundtrack with Michell Brunings (Award-winning vocalist The Voice) and Guy Renardeau (guitar and songwriter); Illusive Films Network - director Gabriel del Castillo, Season of Rage, Music by Guy Renardeau; Charles Johnson Yoyaku Yokai, Music by Guy Renardeau; Casper van Woudenberg, productie Romana van de Horst, Delano's Paradise, Music by Guy Renardeau; Cyriel Guds, Baby Daddy, Music by Guy Renardeau; Shelly Sinclair, The Achilles Heal; Bart Bierman en Wim Hof, Iceman, Music by Guy Renardeau; Lisa Tuvalo, short movie, Music by Guy Renardeau.

Masterclasses: Conducting for Modern Film-Scoring with Johannes Vogel and the Vienna Synchorn stage, July 2017; Orchestration with Conrad Pope orchestrator John Williams and Hans Zimmer, 2016; Film Directing Masterclass Cinesud, Remy van Heugten (Gouden Kalf winner); Masterclass Documentary - Film Academy Amsterdam Bram van Splunteren, Documentary Beets, about Dutch farmers in small towns.

Film and documentary 2016-2017: Rose, 8 Awards and 25 Nominations - Move Me Producties, Ritchie Vermeire and Dilgesch Rojbeyani, Belgium; Gijs, documentary - director Marjolein van Panhuys, Music Guy Renardeau, with Paul Verhoeven, Frans Weisz, and others, Release 3/9/2017, EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam; Rub your eyes until you see stars - Deep Thought Productions, Dutch Modern Dance Festival, Cinedance, Vondelpark Openluchttheater, EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam; Henry VIII, A Royal Love - Mohr Productions and Emrose Productions; AMC Documentary, Brandpunt television, The VPRO TV, Zomergasten, Damiaan Denys, IFAN network, Music Guy Renardeau.

LA Press Release 2014: Perry Botkin, film music composer, Hollywood, Grammy Award winner: "Guy Renardeau is the future great musical talent." Yanna Fabian, vocalist, Grammy Award winner: "I listened to all the music on Soundcloud. Music for ever."

Film and documentary 2015-2014: Daan de Indiaan, Family Movie - Uncut Diamond Production Company 2014; Tiemen - IFAN; IFAN commercial; Vivia (short), The Young Detective (short), Soepsalabim (short) - Cinekid International Film Festival, Award 2013 and 2014, Best Music; Broken Fate Line - Prime Media International/Leyal Film Belgium, Premiere Film Festival Istanbul 2013; Film 46XZ - Leyal Film; Film Rockstar - IFAN, Dutch Film Festival; Documentary Laat me zweven voor heel even - Viloda Productions, OCK Het Spalier, MCN. DVD April 2013; Film Trade - IFAN & ArteNueve.

* Soundtracks and all instruments by Guy Renardeau

Music videoclips made by Guy Renardeau: Guy Renardeau plays The Fox from Guy Renardeau; Guy Renardeau plays Astor Piazzolla; Guy Renardeau plays David Kellner; Guy Renardeau plays Luis de Navaez; Guy Renardeau plays Leo Brouwer; Videoclip In die weite Welt hinein - Lied Schmetterling; Videoclip Warum?; Music theatre videoclip Into the world, part l, Brestheatre, Brielle and Into the world part ll, MuzyQ, Amsterdam; videoclip Brrr; about the sea - War Child, Amfi theatre, Bloemendaal. DVD films made by Guy Renardeau: DVD Dutch Landscape, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam (2010); DVD Into the world with 2 Short TV Films (uitgeverij APOLLO kids, 2012); Single with TV clip I dream of St Nicholas (2010).

Acting: Guy graduated in 2008 at De Trap, a private school of acting in Amsterdam, and followed after that one year the course The Method of Stanislavski, also at De Trap. He played in different films, TV series, commercials. Films: Vigilante, Director Rik Sinkeldam, TCF Film Amsterdam, 2012 (Guy plays a teacher); My Queen Karo, Director and writer Dorothee van den Berghe, Caviar Films, IDTV Film and Tarantula, Belgian-Dutch production, 2009, 9 Prizes worldwide, (Guy plays in this film: the friend of actor Matthias Schoenaerts, a drugsdealer, and the owner of the isle); Komt een vrouw bij de dokter, Director Reinout Oerlemans, Eyeworks, 2009. TV series: Shouf Shouf!, VARA, Director Tim Oliehoek, 2006, (Guy plays a military); Wijster, Director Paula van der Oest, with actress Anniek Pheifer, Motel Film, 2008 (Guy plays the rol of journalist); SpangaS, about a College, NCRV and the makers of ZOOP, The Netherlands, Germany and Switserland, Golden 'Stuiver' for 'best youth programme 2008', (Guy plays a teacher); In Voor en Tegenspoed, VARA, with actor Rijk de Gooyer and Thomas Acda, 48 parts, 1997; Verborgen Gebreken, Dutch dramaserie NET 5, with Ricky Koole, Jeroen Krabbe and others. Commercials: Verkade; Pearl; Relakz, Tetteroo Media, 2009.

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Guy Renardeau's (film) music on Soundcloud:

Guy Renardeau

GuyGuy Renardeau (French-Dutch) studied at the Classical Music Department of Conservatorium Maastricht, where he cum laude graduated as performing musician (classical guitar), composer (orchestral arrangement) and teacher of music. In the summer holidays he followed masterclasses with John Williams (London), Stépan Râk (Prague), Hans-Werner Henze (Cologne) and Hubert Käppel (Cologne) etc. Whilst still studying at the Conservatorium, he was already admitted to Hubert Käppels international concert class at the famous Cologne University of Music (Hochschule für Musik Köln, Germany) as the only Dutch music student. He received a foreign scholarship from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, was a laureate at the Doña Infanta Cristina Festival in Madrid and graduated cum laude (9) as concertmeister from the Cologne University of Music. After that he took lessons from jazz guitarist Onno Kelk (Conservatorium Amsterdam) and studied at the Amsterdam School of the Arts to receive a postgraduate teaching diploma, with piano as main instrument. He graduated there in June 2003. His final paper was entitled Education and music education in France in a historical and modern perspective (8). In 2003 he also published Music in the classroom, a real discovery, a textbook for the first year of secondary school, consisting of a student book and a teacher's book.

As a musician and composer Guy has mastered various music styles: classical music, film music, jazz, rock music, dance, etc. At concerts and festivals he does not only play the work of other composers, but especially his own compositions.

Classical music

In 1999 Guy was asked to compose a work for the Lowlands festival and wrote Lowlands, a piece for orchestra and opera singers, which was performed by Dutch opera singer Kees Taal and received a lot of praise from both the audience and the press. He also made a CD, Kerstmis in Europa (Christmas in Europe) (classic guitar), performed together with ensembles, orchestras, singers and choirs, for example Italiaanse moderne werken voor koor (Modern Italian Choir Works) with the Asko Ensemble and the Amsterdam based Koor voor Nieuwe muziek (New Music Choir); Prayer Books directed by Jewish-Argentinian composer Mauricio Kagel with the Brabant Choir and the orchestre National d'Ile de France in the Théâtre des Champs d'Elysées in Paris.

2014: Love Unsung with Rob Zuiddam and Stoltz Quartet, 18 May 2014, De Melkweg, Amsterdam. Release DVD film MEMORIES. On this DVD Guy performs his own work on the concert grand piano and the guitar. Soprano: Francine van der Heijden. Pianist: Ralph van Raat. A silent film (EYE Film Institute Amsterdam) was made to go with his compositions Voyage d'hiver for piano, Thème et Variations for piano, Cantus Coeli for piano and soprano, Lumière d'automne for guitar, id.

To hear the music, click on the link: english_links

Pop music and jazz

Endorsement: Bogner Übershall - Erik v.d Haar import and Koch Amps.

In 2000 Guy went on tour with his own band, The Guy Renardeau Stream. This tour was organised by Paradiso Productiehuis and covered the larger pop venues such as Paradiso in Amsterdam, Patronaat in Haarlem, LVC in Leiden, Hedon in Zwolle, Giant in Apeldoorn. He also performed with Hans Dulfer, Benjamin Herman, Saskia Laroo, Snowy White, Omar Dykes, DJ Kypski and many others. Beside that he acted in several radio and TV programmes (VPRO, VARA, NOS, TMF, MTV), made CDs for Sony Music and EMI International: Tu ne peut (also released in Japan and France), Why, Amsterdam till Dawn, made videoclips for MTV and TMF (e.g. Amsterdam till Dawn) and composed soundtracks for the art film Delivery (with Herman Brood) and for Lamütta, a film about the Amsterdam art circles with Dutch performer Herman Brood. He also worked with The 7th Point, Enrico and Mark van Dale, Coleen and Dilana Smith. Since November 2004 Guy has been guitarist and composer for The Lemming, a renowned band which is known for its musical theatre and megahits such as Father John. Right now they are ranking high in the Top 50.

To hear the music, click on the link: english_links

Music theatre for children

Together with Hetty Heyting Guy developed the idea of Pinkeltje, a production for children based on a famous Dutch children's book. For the music theatre productions: Brrr; about the sea, Mèh, Into the world part l and part ll, The 4 seasons and Dutch Landscape Guy wrote all compositions, which he also performed live on stage. The music theatre productions are based on the famous picture books with music CD and DVD film Brrr; about the sea (Uitgeverij Pereboom & Apollo Recording Studio, 2004), Mèh (Uitgeverij APOLLO kids & Apollo Recording Studio, 2008) and Tikketakkeregen (Uitgeverij APOLLO kids & Apollo Recording/Film Studio, 2012) from Luciënne Tomesen and Guy Renardeau. Sale: Holland, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Italie, France, England, Australia, Curaçao, Canada. Presentation Uitgeverij APOLLO kids, Frankfurter Buchmesse 2012. Song Schmetterling (original title Vlinder) and song Warum? (original title Waarom?) from the CD Mèh, released in Germany, Frankfurter Buchmesse 2012.

The picture books and music CDs were very well received in the press. Recensies (reviews): and

Prizes: Radio Audience Award 2009 and 2010. Single and TV clip I dream of Saint Nicolas, 1st place in the Radio Top 3 (Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switserland), Pink Records (distribution), released on the Olon CD (sale 20.000).

Radio and TV: SBS Australia, NPS Radio, Radio 4, Wereldomroep, Radio De Efteling, Concertzender, Omroep Brabant, Haarlem105, LelyTV, Radio Erasmus, Radio 538, Dutch Charts,,,,, ClassicFM, TV N-H, Zappelin, VPRO, Teleac-NOT, Vara, id.

Performances: War Child, Kinderparkpop Den Haag, Bevrijdigingspop Haarlem, Haarlemmerhout Festival, Kinderfestival Utrecht, Kinderfestival Amsterdam, SonsbeekTheaterAvenue Festival Arnhem, Bloemencorso Haarlem, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ Amsterdam, Toneelschuur Haarlem, Amfi theater Caprera Bloemendaal, Vondelpark Openluchttheater Amsterdam, Zuiderpark Openluchttheater Den Haag, OBA theater Amsterdam, Uitgast Festival Lelystad, Uitmarkt Amsterdam, Nemo-theater Amsterdam, TheaterVanBeresteyn Veendam, Brestheater Brielle, Kindvakbeurs Den Bosch: Brabanthallen, Peuterfestival Amsterdam, Theater aan de Werf Utrecht, Ostadetheater Amsterdam, Vondelpark Openluchttheater Festival Amsterdam, Odeon Zwolle, id. (1000 shows)

Video's: video In die weite Welt hinein - Lied Schmetterling and video Warum?; Video with music from Astor Piazzolla played by Guy Renardeau. Dutch music theatre video's: Into the world, part l, Brestheatre, Brielle; Into the world part ll, MuzyQ, Amsterdam; Brrr; about the sea - War Child, Amfi theatre, Bloemendaal; The 4 seasons, Guy Renardeau and ensemble, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam.

DVDs: DVD Dutch Landscape, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam (2010); DVD Into the world with 2 Short TV Films by the picture book Tikketakkeregen (uitgeverij APOLLO kids, 2012).

Films were made of the picture books with music: 6 short TV films & trailer (2 already published on DVD, 2012); Single with TV Film I dream of St Nicholas (2010); TV commercial on Dutch Television.

To hear the music and see the video's, click on: www.apollokids and vimeo


Guy teaches senior students and is head of the music department (Gymnasium, Amsterdam).

Apollo Recording/Film Studio

Guy is also co-owner of the well-known ApolloRecordingFilmStudio

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With thanks to Sjaak Bont, Yvonne Hassing, Luciënne Tomesen